We help housing providers to understand and manage their property portfolio

Occubly is working with large UK landlords to provide insights through advanced data analysis that lead to immediately executable revenue and value gains across their portfolios. 

Housing Associations and other large landlords are challenged with legacy IT systems and data locked in historic and unconnected formats. This makes it difficult to harness data for actionable insights to improve business performance, levels of compliance and customer satisfaction. Even when data insights are gleaned, implementation is often a further challenge.  

Occubly is a data analytics platform focused on stitching together traditional and non-traditional data through advanced analytics using machine learning algorithms to aggregate and interpret disparate sources of data. It then extracts patterns and forecasts and uses those predictions to design and execute new market-entry strategies. Occubly underpins its insights by bolting on execution capability, taking responsibility to deliver value for its execution partners.


Our core proposition for landlords is to provide a push-button process for aspects of property management which affect the financial bottom line or are key compliance objectives, and complex or time-consuming.


Please contact us to discuss your data and execution challenges. 



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