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Generate New Insights

We help housing providers to understand your property and tenancies. 

Occubly is focused on working with large UK landlords to provide insights through advanced data analysis that lead to immediately executable revenue and community value gains across their portfolios. 

Solve Tough Problems

Housing Associations and other large landlords are challenged with increasing volumes of data locked in disparate and unconnected formats.


This makes it difficult to harness data for actionable insights to improve tenant satisfaction, business performance and compliance.


We can help. 

Leverage Machine Learning

What do homeowner payment data tell you about satisfaction and interest in wider service offerings?


Occubly can help with the answer.


Occubly aggregates traditional and non-traditional data through advanced analytics using machine learning to combine and interpret data from multiple sources. It then extracts patterns and forecasts in order to design and execute new strategies to improve services to your community. 

We Support You With Execution Capability

We stand behind our insights with execution delivery to prove those insights. For large social and corporate landlords, we can identify and incentivise suitable candidates across the leasehold-ownership Service Trifecta of (i) Shared-Ownership Staircasing, (ii) Leasehold Extension and (iii) Leasehold Enfranchisement, as well as other needed occupier services.

We focus on occupier’ best interests. Our approach is to:


Enable those least able to take advantage of the Service Trifecta,


Identify and incentivise the pool of the most enabled, and


Layer our own enabling through finance and facilitating service provision, on top. We do this with data.

Flexibility and Agile Adaptation


Occubly offers two broad approaches, depending on the service:


1) A dedicated, bolt-on service where we are the sole provider and there is a clear target outcome, and

2) A parallel proof-of-concept process where we demonstrate the ability to deliver an annual business outcome, especially with compliance aspects, in parallel to the existing method used by the business where there is a clearly-identified pain point in terms of accuracy, transparency or reliable and timely delivery.

Embodying Your Values

Beginning with the broad canvas of a home for everyone according to their needs, Occubly enables large social and corporate landlords to deliver on their values to increase satisfaction, deliver modern services that support local communities, operate fluidly in local-authority and regional policy contexts, and create positive change.  

We monitor the policy objectives of Homes England and other statutory bodies involved in strategic housing delivery, and work with large landlords to deliver outcomes which align with both statutory and organisational objectives.  

Inclusion And Business Continuity

We work alongside your existing technology solution and partners ensuring your hard won supplier relationships and systems are unimpeded. 

Our modularised approach enables add on independent standalone solutions to upgrade technical and data capabilities that work outside your existing infrastructure morphing to it with no integration or changes needed to your internal processes, and leaving your contractual agreements intact. 

Reducing Risk

Occubly is an effective and affordable way to explore alternative methods of service delivery, with no effect or interference on the existing approach, which minimising the risk and maximises the opportunity of satisfying landlord compliance for the service.

About Us

A New Breed of Provider

Occubly is a new breed of analysis and execution platform and is currently being accelerated to market by Geovation, the UK’s leading proptech innovator. We are a tech start-up and therefore we are agile and can work around and in parallel to larger players with our innovative solutions. Occubly underpins its insights by uniquely bolting on execution capability, taking responsibility to deliver value for its execution partners.

Our core proposition for large landlords is to provide a push-button process to increase tenant satisfaction in a way that will affect the financial bottom line or are key compliance objectives, and complex or time-consuming.

Please contact us for a free data evaluation to improve homeowner satisfaction.

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